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Elderly and Computers


The Give Back Organization, Inc (GBO) would like to bridge the gap between the elderly and the Internet.  We would like to do this by installing a computer lab in their retirement home.  In doing this, it will allow senior citizens the opportunity to interact with other seniors through online chat forums; it will also give them the ability to access a variety of news about books, technology, health, money, relationships, hobbies, and current events etc.  The goal of GBO is to provide the elderly with the knowledge and tools to use the Internet to their advantage.  Senior citizens can also be more knowledgeable about certain health conditions they may have and it will help them to learn how to cope with the illness and in many cases overcome it.

By giving them access to a twenty-four hour full computer lab facility they do not have to leave the building or wait until the next day to use one.  In doing this, it will make the retirement home one of the most elite and unique retirement homes in the Triangle area.  

The business plan is prepared to obtain the supplemental financing that is required to begin on site preparation, modifications, equipment purchases, maintaining equipment and to cover expenses in the first three years of operation.  GBO will also like to conduct a class that will show the senior citizens how to use the equipment. 




The Give Back Organization’s objectives for the first three years of operation include:

  • The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative environment which will make their retirement home    different than any other retirement home in the Triangle area.
  • Educating the elderly on what the Internet has to offer.
  • Breaking ground between the youth and the elderly.
  • Helping them gain more information regarding their health.




As the popularity of the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate it is quickly becoming one of life’s great necessities.  GBO will provide the elderly with the ability to access the Internet and learn to enjoy it all in the comfort of their own environment.  People ages 60 and above will enjoy the unique, upscale, educational and innovative environment that GBO will provide to them. 


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