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About Us

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Our Mission

The Give Back Organization (GBO) initiates, provides, and promotes services for at-risk children with developmental disabilities and their families. Within their communities, in order to strengthen their independence, self-esteem and ability to participate in an contribute to community life.

Our Focus

The primary focus is getting the students the additional help needed to improve these fields for the future. In doing so we are willing to go to the next step for our students by helping prepare them for the End-of-Grade testing and for college admission exams, such as the SAT/ACT. The organization will prepare the students with SAT/ACT computer software as well as one-on-one training. Also, the students will be offered tutors in subjects that are most difficult to them.

GBO History

The Give Back Organization was founded in 2002 by Ronneil Robinson, who was involved in a near death motorcycle accident, where he suffered two collapsed lungs, a swollen brain and a bruised heart. Doctors didn't believe that he would survive and if he did they believed that he would have a massive amount of brain damage. After a 15-day stay in intensive care Ronneil miraculously made a full recovery. He took the accident as a lesson of life and felt that the Lord left him on earth to help people.

Ronneil had time to reflect on a lot of things in his life while in rehab. He still felt that he had to help the children in his neighborhood. Many of these children wanted what he and his friend had, only the neighborhood children wanted to go about obtaining these things the wrong way. These children didn't understand what it took to obtain these things and obtain them legally. The feelings that Ronneil had as a child begin to revisit his mind, young children need more male role models, so he decided to start his own non-profit organization and call it the Give Back Organization (GBO).

He started GBO to show children how an education and college can change how they live, keep them out of prison and prepare them for the real world. The organization would focus on children from the first through twelfth grades. The students would receive tutoring and mentorship from college educated men and women. Students will be taught the importance of education, how to take ownership and how to become the leaders of tomorrow. Ronneil pressed on and got the organization off the ground, while remaining in school and graduating in 2003.

To this day he is the founder and executive director of GBO. GBO focuses on children in the Triangle Area, generally from low-income families. The facility is housed at the Saint Augustine's College Life Long Center and serves over 50 students. GBO makes its money mostly from donations and fundraisers. Since the birth of GBO, the organization has raised its participant's grades from C's and D's to A's and B's. The children that have come into the organization with reading and writing disabilities are now reading at or above grade level. GBO's children are a huge part of its success and the reason that Ronneil keeps striving everyday to better our children and to show them alternate paths that will steer them away from sex, gangs and drugs.


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